The Festival of India in Thailand commemorates the Fifth Cycle of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

A Festival of Music, Dance, Literature, & Exhibition

The Festival of India in Thailand will create a dynamic exchange platform between India’s artists and those of Thailand allowing for rich creative collaboration and dialogue. India and Thailand have been culturally linked for centuries and India has had a deep influence on Thai culture.From influences of Sanskrit and Pali, the root of Thai vocabulary to Buddhism and the story of Ramayana known throughout Thailand as Ramakien India has much to offer and learn from the people of Siam. Art becomes a window into the people’s minds and the freedom to express is a vital ingredient in any vibrant community. Drawing on our historical cultural associations and bringing in a contemporary edge the Festival will present India in all its myriad elements to the people of Thailand.




16th February 2015, 6:30 PM
Sasin Auditorium, 9th Floor, Sasa Patasala,
Chulalongkorn University

A Festival of Music, Dance, Literature, & Exhibition

Forms Of Devotion

Exhibition Hall, Art and Culture Building, Chulalongkorn University
29th April – 8th May 2015

Forms of Devotion, a collection and an exhibition engages with continuity and change as reflected in various faiths and cultures through a collection of original and recent works of Indian art – the traditional, tribal, folk, popular, and contemporary. There are two-dimensional works such as paintings, drawings, collage, digital work, and photography for the walls, but also sculptures, installations, videos, films, sound, live performances and mixed media works amongst others curated by Teamwork.

Top Artist Satish Gupta will be present at the Opening, and do a 'live' drawing session.
Also present, will be well-known Indian Curator Sushma K. Bahl & Archana B. Sapra and Founder-Director of the 'Museum of Sacred Art' (MOSA),Belgium, Martin Gurvich, where all the art-works of the 'Forms of Devotion' Exhibition, will be preserved.

Exclusive Photo-Exhibition of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

15th May- 25th May

Time : 9 am - 5 pm (Sunday holiday)

Chulalongkorn University, Museum

All are Welcome (Free entry)

An exclusive addition to the on-going Festival of India in Thailand, will be a rare and unique Photo Exhibition of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, on her many trips to India. The Exhibition will portray candid pictures of the various Indian cities she visited- Assam, Sikkim, Hampi, Rajgir, and others.

project 5

Arshia Sattar

Date25th May 2015
VenueChulalongkorn University

Arshia Sattar translations of the Valmiki Ramayana (1996) and Tales from the Kathasaritsagara (1993) are published by Penguin Books as is her collection of essays on the Ramayana, Lost Loves: Exploring Rama’s Anguish (2011) which was short-listed for the Crossword Non-Fiction Award in 2012. Arshia teaches classical Indian literature at various institutions across the country and along with DW Gibson, is the Founder and Director of Sangam House, an international writers’ residency program located outside Bangalore.

project 6

Shailendra Gulhati

Date25th May 2015
VenueChulalongkorn University

Shailendra Gulhati is a Jammu Based Spiritual Author. He contributes regularly to Sunday newspapers and magazines in spiritual columns. He has written two books , (self publications) The Yogi and the Snake , a spiritual diary of an inner sojourn written as a mystical dialogue between the seeker and the sought. His second book, Naam Roop- A Tribute to the Divine, which was written in 2006 along with Artist Arpana Caur, as an experiment to have a jugalbandi between art and poetry.

project 8

Vikas Swarup

Date25th May 2015
VenueChulalongkorn University

Vikas Swarup was born in Allahabad in a family of lawyers. He attended Allahabad University and thereafter joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1986. In his diplomatic career, Vikas has been posted to various countries such as Turkey, the United States, Ethiopia and the United Kingdom, South Africa and Japan. He has participated numerous literary festivals across the world and is best known for his novels Q & A, Six Suspects and The Accidental Apprentice.

project 9

Namita Gokhale

Date25th May 2015
VenueChulalongkorn University

Namita Gokhale is a writer, publisher and festival director. She has written twelve books including several works of fiction. A founder and co-director of the famed Jaipur Literature Festival and of ‘Mountain Echoes’, the annual Bhutan Festival, Gokhale is committed to showcasing literature from across the Indian languages. She currently curates ‘Kitabnama: Books and Beyond’, a multilingual book show on the national channel Doordarshan.

project 10

Shobhaa De

Date25th May 2015
VenueChulalongkorn University

Best- selling author of 18 books, widely-read columnist, respected social commentator and opinion shaper, Shobha De has established a strong presence across media platforms during the past four decades. Known for her outspoken, fearless view, De is considered an authority on popular culture. She is a publisher with her own imprint – Shobha De Books, under the Penguin Books umbrella. She started her career as a model. After making her name as a model, she began a career in journalism, during the course of which she founded and edited three magazines – Stardust, Society, and Celebrity. Shobha De has participated in several literary festivals, including the Writers' Festival in Melbourne. She is a regular participant of Bangalore Literature Festival, having been part of it since its first edition.

project 8

Amrita Tripathi

Date25th May 2015
VenueChulalongkorn University

Amrita Tripathi is a writer and former news anchor, a prolific tweeter and JLF regular. Her second novel The Sibius Knot is forthcoming from HarperCollins India, and is a story about the ’90s, personality cults, and people outside of the mainstream. TSK delves into madness and the darkness… but is an ultimately redemptive story of urban grit and survival.

project 1

Celebrating Assam

Date6th March 2015,
VenueGrand Millennium Hotel, Bangkok
Time6:30 pm Onwards

Dedicated to Assam the evening will highlight the diverse backgrounds that have made Assam a mosaic of various cultures, a miniature of the whole country itself. An interesting mix of programmes will showcase this state’s enchanting traditions. Fashion shows displaying the works of three talented Assamese designers interspersed with enchanting classical and traditional dance performances and traditional music will be beautifully presented together. The evening will end with a fashion show finale and violinist act.


Mrinmoyee started her singing career professionally with Moonwind and Vayu, and also doing solo shows. She has performed all over Kolkata along with the then band Shiva and has performed all over the northeast, Delhi, Kolkata, Orissa, Mumbai, Ranchi and Jamshedpur etc.

Madhurima Choudhury

Madhurima Choudhury has performed folk and classical dances of Assam throughout India, UK and South Africa and has received numerous prestigious awards for her performances across the globe.

Mallika Kandali

Mallika Kandali is one of the few leading exponents of the Sattriya Dance tradition. A choreographer and composer of immaculate talents Dr. Kandali’s productions include Sattriyar Rup Varnan, Rasa-Bichar, Ashta-Nayika, Gopi-biroh, Tejore Komolapoti among others, which have been highly appreciated both for its artistic aesthetics and performance potentials.

Sunita Bhayan

Sunita Bhuyan is violinist and vocalist from Assam, trained in the Hindustani style and specialising in Indo jazz fusion and world folk styles. Her album "Bihu Strings" by Times Music is the only album of Assamese folk on the violin. She is currently working on collaborations with Glasgow and Edinburgh Mela representing Indian classical fusion and Assamese folk music. Her recent projects have been the Commonwealth Culture series UK, Beyond Boundaries Music series London, "Invocation of Ma" on Durga Shakti and the Music for Save the Rhino campaign of Yes Bank.

project 2


Date10th March, 2015
VenueCentral World Mall, Bangkok
Date6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Raghu Dixit has become a shining beacon in the burgeoning Indian independent music scene. With his towering voice he always gets his audiences singing and dancing with joy. Raghu has always said that it is his country, the Indian people, the colours, fragrances, food and languages that have helped to influence and shape his music. The Raghu Dixit Project is one of India’s foremost bands in its genre. At this Festival Raghu Dixit’s unique brand of infectious, happy music will be presented with a very contemporary global sound. Raghu’s live performances are energetic, interactive, a musical roller coaster ride always.


COCKTAIL is a famous Bangkok-based rock band from genies records, one of the most well-known music labels in Thailand. Founded in 2002, COCKTAIL’s music has been uniquely recognized as “classic rock”. They have 5 released successful albums: Cocktail, 36,000 Miles Away from Here, In the Memory of Summer Romance, Ten Thousand Tears and the latest The Lords of Misery.

project 3


Date13th March 2015,
VenueAksra Theatre, Bangkok
Time6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Winners of International acclaim for their dance-theatre productions, Daksha Seth and her husband Devissaro are pioneers of the aerial technique in Indian dance. Bridging the traditional and the rhythmic style of classical dance with contemporary movements they create strong, physical and lyrical dance vocabulary. At this Festival the Company presents ‘Sari’. As the quintessential expression of the weaver’s imagination, talent and skill the sari continues to be the jewel of the Indian handloom industry. ‘Sari’-the show highlights the stages of the Sari’s journey from the cotton pod to a magnificent fabric, draped in a range of wearing styles. The union of the Sari and the wearer exudes the sensuality of dance. The ‘Sari’ is a celebration of this unique drape in constant play with the body both in stillness and in movement.

project 4

Rajasthan Josh

Date22nd March 2015
VenueThammasat University, Bangkok
Time3:00 pm onwards

A trio of three major cultural streams meet in this album, comprising in the main Rajasthani music but supported by the flavor of Sufi and Punjabi music. The shining colors of Rajasthani culture and its traditions delight the soul and provide a vigorous, living feel of precious Rajasthani trends. Sufi Kalam depicts the incarnation of the Almighty through pious devotion, whilst the crisp touch of Punjabi music reveals the essence of Punjabi culture, taking the listener far higher; to the utmost pleasure music has to offer. aim is to bring their cultural and musical heritage to the world. Using instruments like Morchang, Bhapang Khartaal, Double flute, Nagara and bamboo flute they incorporate vocal styles ranging from the mystic Sufi traditions, bhajans and popular folk songs of Rajasthan into their performances.

    Words On Water - Literature

    Main Auditorium, Chulalongkorn University
    25th May 2015

    Time: 2:00 PM

    All are Welcome, Please Make Reservation

    HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn will be attending the Literature event

    Words on Water, the Literary Festival of Indian writers attempts to mainstream the ideas of contemporary India & Indian writing in English for Thai audience. Of all the practised arts, writers capture the essence of societies and put into words what many of us just sense but have not been able to articulate. The attempt is to move from the purely academic and portray Indian writing as enlightening and engaging. Through topical issues we hope to capture the mind space of the broad swath of people and introduce Thai audiences to the trends in Indian writing in English of recent times. Book readings, talks and discussions.

  • project 9

    Shobhaa De

    25th May 2015

  • project 8

    Vikas Swarup

    25th May 2015

  • project 9

    Namita Gokhale

    25th May 2015

  • project 5

    Arshia Sattar

    25th May 2015

  • project 6

    Shailendra Gulhati

    25th May 2015

  • project 7

    Amrita Tripathi

    25th May 2015

  • project 1

    Celebrating Asaam

    6th March 2015

  • project 2

    The Raghu Dixit Project

    10th March 2015

  • project 3

    Daksha Sheth Dance Company

    13th March 2015

  • project 4

    Indian Fun Fair with Rajasthan Josh

    22nd March 2015


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